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Aplikace botulotoxinu

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Botulinum toxin is a form of protein that relaxes muscles in the treated area by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses from the nerve ending to the muscle fiber. 

After applying and releasing muscle tension, wrinkles are smoothed and youthful appearance is restored.

  • B A S I C   I N F O R M A T I O N:


    From - 3000 CZK




    30 minutes or longer, depending on the area treated.


  • Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How long it will take to see results?

    You will begin to see results within a few days.

  • How long does the effect last?

    The effect lasts from three to six months. As your muscle activity gradually recovers, wrinkles begin to reappear and the process needs to be repeated. With regular therapy, wrinkles reappear less and less, as the muscles responsible for their formation shrink over time.
  • What happens during my treatment?

    Using the latest techniques, we apply a small amount of precisely-diluted solution to the treatment area with a super-thin needle. The entire procedure is almost painless, but if your pain threshold is low, a numbing cream can be applied beforehand.
  • How long is the recovery time for Anti-wrinkle injections?

    You will be able to resume your normal activities almost immediately. We recommend that for a few hours after therapy, you avoid exercising or touching the applied area.
  • What areas can be treated?

    Crow's feet (wrinkles in the corners of the eyes)
    Glabella (wrinkles between the eyebrows)
    Marionette lines (smile lines or vertical wrinkles around the lips)
    Excessive gingival display (gummy smile - shows an excessive amount of gum under the upperlip while smiling)
    Masseter (facial muscle) - facial slimming
    Neck-lifting, smoothing

  • How much does a wrinkle injection cost?

    Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.

    One area:   3000 CZK
    Two areas:   4000 CZK
    Three areas:   5000 CZK
    Excessive gingival display (gummy smile):   2000 CZK
    Platysmal band neck treatment:   6000 CZK
    Jawline slimming:   5000 CZK


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